Cara Pakai Shawl Hanis Zalikha

On: 25 August 2016

Everyday simple shawl tutorial

jgn lupe klik LIKE page kami untuk mengikuti update tutorial terkini dan stailista.CakenisTutorial is here! No brooch and no pins! Hooks are placed for two average face sizes and countless styles. Have fun exploring with Cakenis™ Just-Hook

PLEASE READ THIS DESCRIPTION FIRST. Hello, this is my very first attempt to make video tutorial & it was uploaded upon request from some of my friends.Heavy chiffon shawl. Panjang 2 meter. Diperlukan : - Inner neck - Shawl - Pin tudung - Jarum peniti.This is my personal all time favourite hijab styling! It's really fast, easy, and simple to execute. Less is more! Goodluck girls. Instagram: Syadaahally Any enquiries

Im wearing heavy chiffon shawl from petitascarf. Very comfy, flowy and affordable at official ig account @petitascarf. Its only RM15 each :)Nirwana Hijab Tutorial Channel. All about Hijab Tutorial. Yeay! SUBSCRIBE: Aishah bru bljr buat tutorial ni.. so hrap2 sudi la menonton n beri tunjuk ajar ye. Terima kasih.After all those comments, finally I feel the need to clarify what I really meant by "Hijab bukannya menutup dada, but pandangan". BY PANDANGAN I MEAN

Nirwana Hijab Tutorial Channel. All about Hijab Tutorial. Yeay! SUBSCRIBE: Hijab Tutorial Channel. All about Hijab Tutorial. Yeay! SUBSCRIBE: guys, if you interested with this hijab .. you can get it from facebook page or instagram @cmfashionablestyle and please follow my instagram for more tutorial .Hey guys! (WATCH IN HD) so this is my first video up on my channel.. i hope u guys enjoy this video..give a thumbs up if u like and do subscribe me :) i'll be

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cara pakai shawal ala Elfira Loy ;) semoga terjawab segala soalan2 yang ditnya :) selamat mencuba.Subscribe dan likes untuk video seterusnya :) tags -------- hanis zalikha dan hairul azreen, hanis zalikha shawl tutorial, hanis zalikha dream girl, hanis zalikha

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