Dont Over Eat In Ramadhan

On: 06 August 2011

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Albayan Radio presents: 'Ramadan Health Tips' - 30 short tips presented by Said Khodary (Pharmacist) from Your Discount Chemist, Greenacre. Please share

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ProductiveRamadan Animation 8 - Dont make Iftar or Ramadan an Eating Contest!! Allahu Akbar!! Please Add this Video to your favorites, SHARE it on

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Guys please avoid overeating.Greetings all, RAMADAN Mubarak to all of you

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After a whole day of fasting, it is not uncommon for a lot of Muslims to over eat when they break their fast during Iftar. Nutritionist Dana Al Nemeh will talk about

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I forgot I had this video, so I thought I would share it. Hope you enjoy my attempt and consuming all my calories within 6 hours. Hope you enjoy the video & don't

A gift from Morocco- Video in Arabic by Mohammed Eating Disorders don't discriminate and affect Muslims in Morocco too. Eating disorders are deadly mental

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While you don't want to overdo exercise during Ramadan, you do want to do some to maintain your current fitness level. Munaf Kadiri, Fitness Manager at

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