Google Doodle 2016

On: 09 August 2016

This year's Doodle 4 Google contest opens for submissions on September 14, 2016. Google is calling all K-12 artists to share their imagination by creating a

For our 7th annual Doodle 4 Google competition, we asked kids K-12 to tell us what they would invent to help make the world a better place. More than 100000

Doodle4Google is back once again. The theme for #D4G2016 is - 'If I could teach anyone anything, it would be

' So, what are you waiting for! Pick up your

We're commemorating the start of the 2016 Doodle Fruit Games! To join in on the fun, find out more at Video Credits: Design & Animation - Nate

Happy Halloween! Top Score: 90550.Doodle 4 Google 2016 - Meet the Winning Artist Akilah Johnson Akilah Johnson, a 10th grader from Washington, D.C., was named Google's 2016 Doodle 4

Remember, nothing is ever a mere coincidence

Is it just me, or is there more than what meets the eye in this very telling doodle?

Because they're literally

Happy Halloween guys! A wild Google doodle appeared today and it's pretty cute. I'm going to call the cat, Harry Pawtter (although its based off of a Cat named

Over the years, Doodles have marked the achievements of women in science, civil rights, journalism, sports, arts, technology and beyond. But for our 2016

Google celebrates Autumnal Equinox with a really nice doodle -the First Day of Fall 2016 (Northern Hemisphere). It's the day when day and night are equally

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Happy 2016 Halloween ! This is the google doodle game for celebrating Halloween in 2016. You have to swipe signs to defeat ghosts in 5 levels. What's you top

The Search Engine Google is showing an animated Doodle globally for the new years eve day 2016. In the Gregorian calendar, New Year's Eve (also known as

To celebrate the 2016 Rio Olympics, Google is launching a series of interactive doodles with its own 2016 Doodle Fruit Games in Google App. You can

Weihnachtsfeiertage Feiertage 2016 (Tag 1) Google Doodle zu Weihnachten (23. Dezember - Tag 1) Musik: "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" (Jazz) von E's

The Search Engine Google is showing this animated Doodle on February 14, 2016 for the Valentine's Day. Image Credit: Google Doodles Music Credit: Kevin

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Video Credits: Get more details about 2016 Doodle Fruit Games at

and celebrating Rio Olympics, Google has released a set of Mobile Games named as "2016 Doodle Fruit Games". And, for the past two week Google is showing