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On: 14 May 2015

The definitive review of Apple's first wearable. 10 Apple Watch Questions Answered: Apple Watch:

The Apple Watch has a handful of new features but the major one is the updated processor. Native apps run faster and snappier within 1-3 seconds. GPS is

Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 unboxed and compared with a focus on new features and performance improvements with a comparison to the original Apple Watch

This is my first time using an Apple Watch, although not my first time using a smartwatch

and I really did fall in love with it, especially with this Series 2 model.Ingat GADGET, ingat DROIDLIME

! Tahun ini Apple resmi meluncurkan produk baru: Apple Watch. Kehadirannya memperkuat posisi Apple sebagai produsen

April 8 -- The Apple Watch is a huge new release for the company. Bloomberg's Josh Topolsky spent a week with the new watch and can tell you if it's worth your

Tech Featured in this video: Apple Watch Series 1 : Equipment used to make this video: Canon 70d Kit

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The Apple Watch Series 2 is both water-resistant and comes with built-in GPS. How well does it actually perform? Subscribe: Check out

Apple Watch Unboxing and Apple Watch Setup Reviewed! The Stainless Steel Apple Watch with Milanese Loop is gorgeous, but what is it boxed with and how

buy an apple watch here if interested: You got an apple watch (wife calls it iwatch lol) what does it do? Undefined yet 38mm $350 42mm

I managed to film an Apple Watch Review in under 6 minutes, yay! ▷ Tech Talk: Women's iPhone 6 Plus Review:

Hey guys thanks so much for watching! It was love at first sight with my watch and I'm happy to say that after about three months with it, the love has not grown

Today I talk about my Space Grey Sport 42mm Apple Watch after using it for one year. This is my first gen Apple Watch Sport One year review. One Year Apple

The Apple Watch Series 1 boasts a dual-core processor similar to that of the Series 2, and while it lacks built-in GPS and extreme water-resistance, it comes in at

It's been two years since the first Apple Watch was unveiled, and in that time the wearables market has changed considerably – but what can't be denied is that

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